Rustoleum 241168 Quart White Appliance Epoxy Paint

Rust-Oleum Specialty Appliance Epoxy is an ultra-hard, moisture resistance enamel that is specifically formulated for indoor metal surfaces. It provides a smooth, washable surface for refinishing the exterior of appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry machines, and other indoor metal applications (cabinets, tables). Do not use on objects exposed to heat (stovetops, oven interiors, etc)

Product Features

  • Specialty Appliance
  • Formulated for Metal Surfaces
  • Refinishing Exterior Appliances
  • Not for use on objects exposed to heat (stovetops, oven interiors, etc)
  • Superior abrasion and scratch-resistance

3 thoughts on “Rustoleum 241168 Quart White Appliance Epoxy Paint”

  1. a million little bubbles form and make it look like small pox unleashed Turned scratched up rusty washer lid to brand new and the dryer also. The smell will knock you unconscious. Also, you have to apply carefully. Watch the You Tube video first. You have to prep and use the primer first. If you don’t, a million little bubbles form and make it look like small pox unleashed. Sand it down, use the primer – let the primer dry – sand lightly again, then roll on – one coating and stop. If you do another coat before the first one dries – bubblemania – otherwise,…

  2. Factory finish I had to paint the side of a scorched refrigerator after a cooking episode. I cleaned the refrigerator with soap and water, then let dry, followed by wiping it down with a paper towel and mineral spirits Now ready for paint. I applied the paint with a 6 inch fine foam roller, 2 coats, and the results were perfect.

  3. Fantastic We used this on a 22 year old Kenmore white fridge with a textured surface and also on the same year/vintage range hood. Both had issues. We had to strip a little rust from the bottom of the fridge door and scrub 22 years of baked on grease and grime from the well-used range hood ( we used Super Clean ) . The hood was the toughest to clean,both beneath it and the cleaner visible surface. We uninstalled it from the cabinet for this.After the thorough and time consuming…

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