Handheld Reusable Vacuum Sealer Kit with Hand Pump, Household Vacuum Machine, Small Kitchen Appliance for Food Preservation

1.Keeping your food fresher for up to five times longer
2.Save money by buying in bulk and pre-packaging individual servings
3.Reseal open bags of potato chips and other foods
4.Protect against freezer burn, spoilage and odor
5.Pack lunches, leftovers, snacks or entire meals
6.Protect cherished photos and valuable documents
7.Keep charts, maps and matches safe and dry when boating or camping
8.Seal baseball cards and stamps
9.Wrap cosmetics for travel to protect against spills
10.Prevent silver and jewelry from tarnishing
Using steps:
1. Put the food like fresh meat, fish, beans, vegetable, fruits, medicine, capsicum, chicken, coolies, dry food etc. to the special designed plastic vacuum freezing bag, which is reusable for more than 30-50 times.
2. Pull the zipper .
3. Place the Bag flat on the counter making sure there is no food above the Maximum Fill Line or under the Air Valve.
4. Press Vacuum Sealer Tip flat against Air Valve.
5. Press the ON Button to remove air from Bag
Model Number: Mini Vacuum SealerĀ 
Type: Hand Held
Material: ABS+MS+TPU+Silicone
Size: 8.6″x3.2″x2.4″
AC Adapter: Input:100-240V, Output:6V/2500MA
Package Included:
*1xHandy Vacuum Sealer
*1xAC Adapter
*5xFood Vacuum Sealed Bags
*1xInstruction Manual

Product Features

  • PACKAGE INCLUDED:Handy Vacuum Sealer , EU AC Adapter Plug(So sorry for the plug,Our price is very affordable) 5 Pieces Food Vacuum Sealed
  • EASY & CONVENIENT TO USE : easy to use, store and clean, just one hand operation; convenience, not only use at home, you can take it anywhere
  • BUNDLED SET : Includes food vacuum sealed bags, containers, bottle stopper and universal lid for easy storage of any food and bottles with liquid
  • FOOD PRESERVATION: keeps food fresher for up to five times longer, particularly useful for picnic,camping, fishing, barbecue; Protects against freezer burn, spoilage and odor. Packs fresh meat, fish, beans, vegetable, fruits, medicine, capsicum, chicken, coolies, dry food, lunches, leftovers, snacks etc
  • WHY STRUGGLE : With the SumgottUS Food Vacuum Sealer set you are now not bound to just using plastic bags – the plastic containers are great for storing the leftover food and to keep it fresh to eat the next day or day thereafter