Nail File, Electric Nail File Manicure Tool Grinding Smoothing Polishing 3-in-1 Nail Care Set – Blue

Item Type:Electric Manicure Drill & Accessory
Size:180 * 40mm
Material:ABS+ stainless steel
Intensity: two speeds options
Accessories: 3 heads, 1 AA battery
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Apply: Fngernails, toenails
Portable: Yes
Rechargeable: Not

1.- Trim nails to the desired length, and then use the blue head to grind the nail edges to the shape you like.
2.- Use the cyan head to even out the ridges and smoothing the surface of your nails
3.- Use the white head to move on nails to polish the nails and give you health shinning looking nails

1.- Use this device on dry nails. After shower the nails become soften that not good to grind them.
2.- Keep moving on nails, do not stop on one spot or your nails surface would heat up quickly.
3.- Do not put too much force when using or it’s electricity costy.
4.- Change the heads when you feel the effect is weak
5. This will make the nails thinner so do not use it frequently.  Usually it keeps nails shinning for about 7 days.  Use it 2 weeks a time.

Package Included:
1 x Nail Care Device
3 x Different Nail Care Heads
1 x AA Battery

Product Features

  • PORTABLE: Small, handy ,lightweight and wireless can put in bag carry everywhere and simple to use everywhere.
  • EASY TO USE: Powered by 1 AA battery(included), one button operated, two speed options
  • SAFE: Gentle nail trimmer, no hurt. Get one for home/travelling use, do not go to the salons to do your nails with the tools that hundreds people used and not sterilized.
  • FUNCTION: With three different heads, blue one is for grinding the nails edges after trimming, cyan one to even out ridges and smooth the nail surface, white one to give nails a healthy shinning looking.
  • TIPS: This will make the nails thinner so do not use it frequently. 2 weeks one time.