BoxLegend Knife Sharpener 3-in-1 Sharpening System for All-Sized Household Knives Kitchen Knife Sharpening(Black)

Purchase one device, Own three functions!
Three stages would satisfy your different sharpening needs.
1. Ceramic Slot (diamond grinding rob)-For honing ceramic knives only.
2. Coarse Slot (tungsten carbide)-Use before the fine slot, for very dull knives (including ceramic).
3. Fine Slot (ceramic)-For honing knives to a razor sharp edge, free from burrs or imperfection.

What you are looking forward to!
-Easy operation
Place the sharpener in the counter, grip the handle and run your knife. 8 times through the coarse side and 4 through the fine, you would get a like-new knife with this professional assistant.
-Apparent sharpness
Test your knife with a tomato before and after sharpening. You will amaze at the difference it makes. Preset precision sharpening angle assures good results.
-For daily maintenance
Use it once a week or several times a month for day maintenance. No longer meet with the dull knife.
-Save space
Clean it up every time after you use it and just throw it into the drawer. Neatness would always stay with your kitchen.
-Well-made construction
At least last 5 to 7 Years for household use due to high quality materials.

-There may be a little rubber smell when you open it. It is normal and it will disappear after several days exposing in air.
-Do NOT apply heavy downward pressure, or it would damage your knife.
-Just slide the blade on ONE DIRECTION each time, forward or backward.
-A little metal will be taken off from the knife to achieve a razor sharp edge.

Product Features

  • 3-in-1 Efficient Sharpener. Sharpening, honing and polishing your knives with only one device. Save your money from new knives and professional sharpening service.
  • As Easy As 1-2-3. Just run your knife 8 times through the coarse side and 4 through the fine. The like-new knife would cut through the skin of a tomato with no resistance. Detachable system makes cleaning up a snap.
  • Safe and Durable. Ergonomic handle has been designed to fit your hand, promising you a good firm grip. Non-slip rubber feet would hold the sharpener in place when in use. High quality ABS plastic protects the sharpener from embrittlement after years of use.
  • Results Assurance. Precision sharpening angle is dedicated to all-sized household knives, consistent performance. Surely restore your knife with minimum effort. NOT suitable for serrated blades or scissors.
  • 90 Days Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. You could get a replacement or money back in 90 days if you are unsatisfied with the product. We have confidence that you would like this stylish, space-saved, professional knife sharpener.