Major-Q Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliances, Wireless Remote Light Switch, Energy Saving (WHITE)

Be in total control with all your outlets Say goodbye to annoying hard to reach On/Off Outlet, everything you need for remote control is included and completely easy for a clean, elegant look. Limitless Control Options There’s never been a more flexible outlet when it comes to remote control. Disconnect from the outlet and gain more control. Control your lights with the press of a button from across the room, outside your home or from your car. Simply plug whatever you need into this outlet adaptor and sit back and watch as your ordinary devices are instantly and effortlessly triggered by the click of a Remote Control. Take the hassle out of turning on everyday lighting, you’re sure to love the convenience that this Remote Control Outlet will bring to your home. Features: Indoor Use Includes: Transmitter Remote Control Material: Metal, Plastic Finish: White Lighting Switch Type: Push Button
Package Contents
1 x Outlet Receiver
1 x Remote Control Transmitter
1 x 12V Battery
1 x User Manual
Major-Q Has 1 year limited Warranty. You will receive a warranty card included in the package!! Please buy with confident.

Product Features

  • Major-Q is a registered trademark.
  • GO SMART WIRELESS you can eliminate the awkward reaches for on/off switches which are important for mobility. Set up on all outlets in your home for effortless powering on/off control of all household appliances.
  • PAIRING SYNC PLUS adds syncing capabilities to let you use on multiple appliances with 1 remote
  • ENERGY SAVING switch remote allows you to keep all things in order with a simple button for on/off settings
  • 100 FT FULL 360 strong coverage range remote control can be connected even through room separation without interfering the line of sight

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