Pallas 2019 Humidifier – 5L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier for Bedroom, Baby, Home, Vaporizer for Large Room with Adjustable Mist Knob 360 Rotatable Mist Outlet

Pallas Humidifiers Benefits and Key Features
Unlike traditional humidifiers, our Pallas Humidifier uses Cool Mist Technology, providing moisture to your home without overwhelming heat. It’s perfect size for any room, big or small. Convenient usage in your office, home, bedroom,
living room, and anywhere else you might need it. Our ultra-silent humidifier is designed to work quietly while creating a healthy environment for work, play or rest.

With the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier from Pallas, reducing the snoring, and lowering chances of spreading the cold and the flu. It’s the perfect size for any room, big or small. Convenient usage in your office, home, bedroom, living
room, and anywhere else you may need it.

How it works?
The Pallas Humidifier uses ultrasonic waves produced by 1.7 million high frequency oscillations to atomize water into ultrafine water particles Using its built-in fan to spread these water particles as mist, the Pallas humidifier humidifies
its surroundings to maintain maximum comfort all year round

Product Specifications
Product Name: Pallas Humidifiers
Product Model: PL-F500
Rated Voltage (V): 100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated Wattage (W): 25W
Capacity(L): 5L
Overall Dimension (in): 8.19 x 8.19 x 12.4

Product Features

  • OVER 20 HOURS OF CONTINUOUS HEALTH BENEFITS: Large-capacity. 5L water tank permits over 20 hours of continuous humidifying, relieving sinus problems, moisturizing dry skin, easing asthma symptoms, reducing snoring, and lowering chances of spreading cold and flu
  • 360° DEGREE HUMIDITY COVERAGE: 360° degree rotating nozzle ensures an even level of humidity distributed in your home.It’s the perfect size for any room, big or small.Convenient usage in your office, home , bedroom, living room, and anywhere else you might need it
  • ACTIVATED CARBON COTTON CARTRIDGE: microporous activated carbon cotton filter cartridge filters out microorganisms and negative ions from water for a cleaner and healthier mist
  • ULTRASONIC, ULTRA QUIET TECHNOLOGY: Ultrasonic Technology runs silently, providing cool humidifying mist without excess noise
  • 100% WORRY-FREE PURCHASE: If you are unhappy with your purchase, reach out to us via the Contact Seller button in the Your Orders section for a refund/replacement within 24 hours

Homasy Humidifiers with Anti-Bacteria Stone, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Baby Bedroom, Vaporizer Humidifying Unit with Whisper-Quiet Operation & Auto Shut-Off Protection (Top-Refill Design)



1.Do not place the product on carpet or wooden floor, a towel which may obstruct the airflow.


2.Please keep the product away from wall at a distance about 15cm when in use.(Suggest keep away from bed at a distance about 30cm to 1m)


3.To prevent any unpleasant odor and promote the efficency, please regularly clean the humidifier with citric or vinegar.


4.Please DO NOT add essential oil into the water tank, since the essential oil will corrode the product.


5.It’s normal for the humidifier to reserve some water in the water tank to safeguard its safely running.


6.Not directly pour water into the medical stone, please pour water along the wall of the tank


7.Never pour any hot or boiling water into the water bank.


Product Description


When the hot summer or cool winter is approaching, you have no choice but turn the conditioner on day and night. All the doors and windows are closed with no fresh air and moisture in. It’s easy to catch cold or flu. Homasy cool mist humidifier is here to help you out. With 3-level mist modes, 2L large capacity and super-quiet operation, it works perfectly to accompany you all the night.


Intelligent Auto-off Protection


The cool mist humidifier will be automatically shut off once it’s waterless in the water tank. That’s to say you can always trust it and rely on it. Long time use will be fine, because it will stop working before the water is totally used up or the device is damaged. To protect you and itself, the humidifier will shut off if it falls. Note: Unplugging it before adding water will be best.


A Solid Choice for Gifting


The cool mist humidifier plays a great role in humidifying and refreshing the inclosed indoor environment where the conditioner is working day and night. It improves the air quality. No matter man or women, young or old, all the people living under conditioner or dry air condition will need it and then can’t stand the days without it.




Product Size: 9.84in/25cm*7.48in/19cm*9.84in/25cm


Net Weight: 32.45oz


Tank Capacity:2.0L


Input: 120V~,50-60Hz


Moisture Output:160-180ml/h



Package Included:


1*Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


1*User Manual


(No Include the brush)

Product Features

  • 【Easy to Refill and Clean】Specific Top-refilling Design which no need to take the device apart to fill water. Just remove the cover and directly add cool water into the humidifier. Beside, Homasy humidifier endows with transparent appearance, so any blots or dirt can be seen and clean.
  • 【Relax and Quiet Night】Homasy humidifier runs at 28 decibel (The operating noise level is even lower than that of turning the page of a book). So it will quiet humidifying without disturbing your study, working or sleeping, away from those nasty noise.
  • 【Multifunctional Mist Modes】With one sensitive touch-control button, Homasy humidifiers no only can can turning on and off, but also adjust 3-level of mist modes by 1-2-3 times of pressing. In addition, Long press for 3 seconds will enter the sleep mode which the indicator light will be shut off to avoid any disturbing.
  • 【Powerful Filter & Keep Health】Unique stone filter is to further filtrate the added purified water to make sure the mist output is beneficial for human health. What’s more, the filter is made from anti-bacteria material to retard the growth of bacteria. Sharing the same convenience with the air humidifier body.
  • 【All Night Mist & Automatic Shut-off】Holding up to 2 liters (0.53gallon) of water, the cool mist humidifier allows up to 10 hours of working time in low mist. It will automatically shut off with red LED light on when runs out of water or the humidifier falls down.