Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit – Fingerprint Resistant, Removes Residue, Water Marks and Grease from Appliances – Works Great on Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Ovens, and Grills

Give your appliances the showroom treatment with the convenient Weiman Stainless Steel Canister Wipes. A cleaning wipe designed with a polish that protects and resist fingerprints, watermarks & grease; while also repelling dust and dirt to keep your kitchen shining brighter & longer. Your stainless steel fridge, outdoor grill, dishwasher, washing machine, washer & dryer, microwave, cooktop, sink, faucet, and any metal or stainless-steel appliance surface will effortlessly convey a streak free, premium stain resistant and clean look. Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polishing Wipes help restaurants and commercial environments with the highest of expectations to look their very best (surfaces, refrigerator, and appliances). Weiman polishes, resists scratching, and resists staining with just a simple wipe & buff, then you’re done! Restore the brilliant look of your kitchen with our line of Weiman specialty cleaning products that compliment your wood floors, cooktops, granite surfaces, silverware and more! Weiman Products is the perfect home, chef, pro, scratch resistant, cleansing, household, professional, and at work solution for all of your stainless steel cleaning and buffing needs. The best specialty cleaning products you will buy online or in a store. When cleaning is your therapy, Weiman is your method, just wipe away & not a fingerprint in site! Weiman wants each of the surfaces in your home to look its absolute best. That’s why we have developed cleaning products that go beyond simply cleaning to beautify and protect each of your delicate, difficult to care for surfaces. From stainless steel to leather to granite, each of our products is formulated specifically for one surface and one surface only; allowing you to achieve the perfect results that your home deserves. A clean home is great, but we want it to look more than clean, we want it to look spectacular! Weiman leaves a polishing shine and acts as a protector where other cleaners do not compare.

Product Features

  • #1 Selling Stainless Steel Brand – Weiman makes the best selling and most trusted stainless steel cleaning products on the market
  • Cleaner and Polish – Eliminate fingerprints, smudges, residue and grease
  • Convenient – Quickly cleans, shines and protects all stainless steel surfaces with a pH neutral formula compatible with all stainless steel surface
  • Protect Black Stainless Steel – Polish leaves a barrier that resists fingerprints, dust, dirt and smudges
  • Use On – Stainless steel refrigerators, black stainless steel, microwaves, oven, stove, grill, sink, range hoods, trash cans, warming drawers, compactors

Cabinet Locks Baby, Child Safety, Drawers, Refrigerators, White, Flexible Strong Straps, Latches Around Corners, Easy to Stick & Remove, Safeguard Product for Maximum Child Security.

A Quick Way to Secure Your Cabinets for Maximum Child Protection!

Protecting your baby against hazards should be easy! But when the safety latches snap, break or leave your furniture damaged upon removal, or when locks don’t fit, or require so much effort to mount, things get complicated & time consuming! Allow us to secure your cabinets, & spend your time on more important things.

Why buy our cabinet locks?

– SAVE YOUR MONEY: Flexible strong strap stitched firmly around plastic holders. Unlike other locks, the strap won’t snap or tear. Its length allows it to latch around corners, cabinets, appliances, doors & others. You won’t have to buy different products or get new ones every couple of weeks

– SAVE YOUR TIME: Locking/unlocking takes few seconds. No mounting issues, no screwing or unscrewing required! It is easy for you and your partner to fix, use and remove

– PROTECT YOURSELF TOO: The “press & pull” mechanism used to open the locks makes it so easy to use. You won’t break your nails or hurt yourself in the process

– ENSURE SAFETY: The lock is very effective to ensure maximum child security. Your baby won’t be able to pull the cabinet open as if it was locked by a magnet. Moreover, it does not have sharp edges that can harm your child


Pack of 4 locks, solid white color, made of strong plastic holders and straps that won’t tear, snap, or break. The color of the product makes it re-useable in bathrooms, garages & kitchens

Money Back Guarantee-No Questions Asked

– Our aim is your satisfaction, we want you to be happy with our products and we want your baby to be safe, so we offer you a Money Back Guarantee-No Questions Asked

– Limited items in stock, so hurry up & try our product today

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Product Features

  • With Little Legend products, your child’s safety is our first priority followed by your comfort, so allow us to secure your cabinets, & spend your time on more important things.
  • Pack of 4 Top Quality Locks Made of Strong Plastic Holders
  • One-Color White Flexible Straps
  • The Strap is 10.5 cm Long. The Large Plastic Holder is 5 cm Wide and the Small Plastic Holder is 3.5 cm Wide
  • Excellent Quality Adhesive