Under the Cabinet Rolling Small Countertop Appliance Tray for Rolling Keurig Coffee Makers, Blenders, Drip Coffee Makers, Mixers, and Toasters

The Nifty Coutertop Appliance Rolling Tray is the perfect solution to cramped countertops. To move your small appiances, simply press down on the lever and roll forward and backward for easy use and storage. The tray is perfect for Keurig coffee makers, drip coffee makers, blenders, toasters, and any other small appliance you use daily. The tray includes a braking mechanism for safety.

Product Features

  • Great for moving Keurig coffee makers, drip coffee makers, blenders, and toasters around your counters.
  • Easily depress a lever to move your appliances forward and back
  • Built in braking mechanism for safety
  • Will hold up to 30 pounds
  • Surface dimensions 12.25″D x 9.5″W
  • Non-slip EVA Pad

ACUPWR AD-1500 1500-Watt 220-240 Volts 110-120 volts Step Down Voltage Transformer/ Converter Ideal for VITAMAX mixers and small Kitchen appliances

American-made ACUPWR voltage transformers/converters are the best available and guaranteed not to blow up or put on a fireworks display. You might think we’re kidding, but research the cheaper, Chinese-made brands; they’re notorious for breaking down, catching on fire, and taking your valuable appliances down as well! Don’t risk it: ACUPWR is renowned for safety, reliability, and longevity. And not surprisingly, they’re used extensively by the US military, NASA, and United Nations. Our transformers and converters use premium components-copper wire and laminated silicon steel cores-and they’re safe for continuous use at 120-percent beyond their stated wattage. Further, they can handle bursts of 200-percent wattage for a short period. Unlike our competition, ACUPWR transformers/converters use thermal protection, not fuses. When an ACUPWR transformer/converter is overheated, it simply shuts down, returning to operation after a few minutes. Our AD-1500 model is a 1500-watt, step down model that converts 220-240 volts to 110-120 volts. ACUPWR provides a lifetime warranty with up to $10,000 in damage coverage for this product.

Product Features

  • Converts voltage from 220-240 volts to 110-120 volts
  • Features Schuko Type F output (most of Europe and Asia) and a NEMA 5-15R Type B input (3-prong US/Canada)
  • UL and CE certified. Thermal Protection; automatic shutdown when overloaded
  • Rated for 1500 watts of power output but can handle up to 120-percent beyond stated rating
  • Made in the US using premium components and comes with lifetime warranty plus up to $10,000 damage coverage