J.LUMI BPC4505 LED Bulb 5W, A15 Bulb, G45 Bulb Shape, 40 Watt Equivalent, E26 Base, 3000K Soft White, Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs, Appliance Bulb, Bathroom Light Bulbs, Non Dimmable (Pack of 4)

J.LUMI LED bulbs are our price-conscious product line that works beautifully and effectively in the general-purpose applications found throughout your home, office and business. By offering these bulbs as a good quality yet cost-competitive option, we are able to provide the energy-smart LED products you need for the right price.

Product Features

  • COMPACT SMALL BULBS: Compact and small. A15 bulb and
    G45 bulb shape. The 45mm bulb diameter is much smaller compared to standard
    Edison A19 bulb (60mm diameter).
  • CELING FAN BULBS: For a variety of home use as
    ceiling fan light bulbs, appliance bulb, fridge bulbs, bathroom light bulbs,
    table lamps, vanity bulbs, freezer light bulb, ceiling light, night stand lamps.
    E26 medium lamp base fits most accent light fixtures.
  • SAVE ENERGY: 450-Lumen
    brightness equivalent to 40 Watt incandescent bulbs, saving 88% on energy bills.
    We also have a less intense bulb 3W at 270 Lumens. Please find our 3W bulbs
    BPC4503 for more ambient lighting applications.
    plastic cover is shatter resist and will not break like glass. Frosty cover
    reduces harmful glare. Do not produce significant heat. Natural warm soft white
    your everyday home use. 4-Pack offering provides lowest price per bulb. Save the
    extra bulbs as spare for other light fixtures you have at home.