Weston Nonstick 3-Tier Drying Rack and Baking Pan

This 3-tier, non-stick, stackable drying rack and baking pan allows you to take your jerky from the oven to the counter to dry without having to transfer the jerky. Includes 3 non-stick, stackable drying racks and baking pan Racks measure 16-3/4″ by 14″, for over 700 square-Inch of drying space. Rack legs collapse for easy storage Easy to use and dishwasher safe.

Product Features

  • Drying rack and baking pan all in one
  • 3 Non-stick, stackable drying racks and baking pan
  • Over 700 square-Inch of drying space
  • Easy to use and dishwasher safe
  • Rack legs collapse for easy storage

3 thoughts on “Weston Nonstick 3-Tier Drying Rack and Baking Pan”

  1. works like a charm This rack gives ample room for drying and compactness to be able to shift from bottom to top of oven to vary the lowest temperatures and drying times. The non stick coating means I just have to fit it into the dish washer and it’s done. 

  2. poor mfg accuracy Quality of materials seem find/good but the racks don’t stay stacked very well. I am going to have to tie them together to ensure everything doesn’t go flying off. A couple were warped enough that the feet don’t stay in the holes they’re suppose to and a couple of the holes the feet go into as you stack them won’t accommodate the “feet” of the next rack. Size was great though, and as far as whether it will rust or not is a wait and see. It seems to have good nonstick surfaces that will last if…

  3. Fits my Traeger Grill Perfectly. Does a great job makng Jerky I use this grill with a LEM jerky shooter on my Traeger Grill. If you love Jerky and hate to pay the high prices at the store, this is the only way to go. I use 50% ground turkey and 50% extra lean ground beef. I add the cure and mix well… let it sit for a few hours then add some spices, usually garlic and pepper, or teriyaki, or even some Worchester sauce to the pepper and garlic.. shoot it out on this rack (set of three) I get 12 extra long sticks on each rack, except the top rack gets 13…

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