WatchGuard XTM 25 Firewall Appliance (WG025000)

WatchGuard XTM 2 Series appliances deliver a new class of performance-driven security. Network protection is stronger than ever, with full HTTPS inspection and VoIP support. All models have three 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports for faster link speeds, and optional wireless capabilities include dual-band 802.11n technology for greater wireless speed and responsiveness. An XTM 2 Series appliance can be used as a stand-alone security solution for a small business, and makes an ideal endpoint for connecting a secure VPN tunnel back to a WatchGuard XTM or WatchGuard Firebox network.

Product Features

  • Faster, safe web surfing
  • Wireless security with guest access
  • Affordable security for small business
  • Green security
  • Multiple VPN choices
  • Application Control
  • Reporting made easy

3 thoughts on “WatchGuard XTM 25 Firewall Appliance (WG025000)”

  1. Watchguard does good work These firewalls are just the ticket for small business looking to secure their networks. They have a very easy set up and are easy to maintain. Setting up a back office VPN with a pair of these could not be simpler! Be aware, you really need to use the watchguard system manager software to get the most out of these. You can get it from when you log in to activate you license.

  2. Another great product from Watchguard I’m a contract IT provider and I’ve worked with Watchguard equipment for 10 years now. Easier to configure than a Cisco, more features that are useful to a small to mid-sized office and without a doubt, a very trusted brand in network security. This version is handling a very active office of 30 without issues. BOVPN to the main office’s firewall never comes down. Throughput is great. I can’t say enough about Watchguard.

  3. got to love watchguard firewalls got to love watchguard firewalls. crunches in 512 bit encryption, easy to program, block any custom ports and monitor can run up to 5 individual physical networks on this firewall and multiple VLANs/VPN/ISP

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