Uber Appliance UB-CH1 Uber Chill 6 can retro personal mini fridge for bedroom, office or dorm (Gun Metal (silver))

At Uber Appliance, our goal is to create the highest quality and finest appliances you will ever encounter! Our vision is to bring you products that will tastefully add convenience into your life. With the introduction of the Uber Chill mini personal fridge, it is our mission to ensure that you can enjoy a personal fridge that is both functional and sleek!

The sharp design combined with the superior functionality of the Uber Chill enables you to cool your drinks to an optimal temperature in style. Whether it be at the office, at school, in your dorm, in your bedroom in the man cave or in your car, rest assured, you will be the envy of all your friends and family…. All while enjoying your perfectly chilled beverages!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up an Uber Chill today and start chilling!

Important Product Operating Instructions and Tips:

– Please allow 6-12 inches of clearance between the back fan on the unit and any wall/obstruction for continuous optimal operation.

– Upon first time of operation (initial use after un-boxing), please allow up to 12 hours for the unit to reach its optimal operational temperature. After continued use of the unit, wait times to reach the desired temperature will decrease naturally.

– It is recommended, but not mandatory (if all operating tips are followed), to turn off the unit for one hour every 48 hours of use. If all operating tips are followed, and a minimum clearance of 6-12 inches between the fan and any obstruction is maintained, you are NOT required to turn off the unit every 48 hours. Through testing of this product, it has been determined it can be continuously running for 1 Year+ if operation tips are followed.

Product Features

  • Compact 4-liter mini personal fridge holds up to six 12-oz. cans or four 500-mL. bottles
  • Plugs into 12V car cigarette lighter or Home outlet (Built in AC/DC transformer) Both cord’s included
  • High quality Solid-state thermoelectric cooling system keeps drinks at optimal drinking temperature
  • Dimensions – Outside: 11″ x 7-1/4″ x 10″ – Inside 8-1/2″ x 5-3/4″ x 5-1/4″ (HxWxD)
  • Retro red mini fridge styling, perfect for bedroom, office or dorm. Features a removable shelf and a self-locking recessed door handle

3 thoughts on “Uber Appliance UB-CH1 Uber Chill 6 can retro personal mini fridge for bedroom, office or dorm (Gun Metal (silver))”

  1. Cute design, flawed execution This is a very cute little fridge. I bought it to store various skin care oils and products that require refrigeration for my bathroom. The problem is that it doesn’t get very cold, which, I’m pretty sure, is the point of a refrigerator. Also, the instructions tell you to unplug this for an hour once every two days. This is inconvenient and an annoying thing to have to keep track of. I sent mine back. If they ever redesign this so that it gets cold enough and without the need to unplug it, I’d…

  2. It also heats your lunch! This mini fridge is verythromycin nice. It is the perfect size to sit on your desk for either a 6 pack of soda or 4 bottles of water. 

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