(Pack of 12) 15-Watt A15 Appliance Fan Bulb CLEAR 120V – Premium Quality

(Pack of 12) 15-Watt A15 Aplliance Fan Bulb 120V – Premium Quality

Product Features

  • Price Includes 12 Bulbs
  • 15-Watt A15 Appliance CLEAR Bulb
  • 120 Volt
  • Perfect for Ceiling Fans, Ovens, Refrigerators and Microwaves
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty filament allowing for a LONGER LIFE & Durability

3 thoughts on “(Pack of 12) 15-Watt A15 Appliance Fan Bulb CLEAR 120V – Premium Quality”

  1. A great buy. Working great in our refrigerator. This is a really good deal for this many bulbs. I don’t know much about specs or voltage when it comes to appliance lights. All I know is that our fridge says we can use lights that have a max of 40 watts, so these seemed perfect. 

  2. Great price Great price for this pack of bulbs. The packaging was good; no bulbs were broken and they all work. I will be ordering these many times over. I have ceiling fans in every room and they all need 5 bulbs and I use appliance bulbs in them. These are perfect and cost effective.

  3. Bulbs Work OK So Far: No “Burn Outs” So far the bulbs work fine in my ceiling fans. They haven’t burned out yet, unlike the expensive GE ones (made in Europe) that lasted about a week and a half. (I bought them at my local drugstore.)There’s some glare with these, but they’ll do until I can find some soft white ones at a reasonable price.

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