Oster 7-Minute Grill with DuraCeramic Coating and Digital Timer, Brushed Stainless Steel, CKSTCG22Z-ECO

The Oster 7 minute Stainless Steel Dura ceramic Indoor Grill for all of you cooking needs. Cook with the benefits of Dura Ceramic, offering durable, long-lasting, scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean surface and healthier food preparation.

Product Features

  • Cook virtually anything in 7 minutes or less! From breakfast sausage to burgers, grilled cheese to steak and chicken. ..even dessert!
  • Rotating feature
  • Oster 7 minute Stainless Steel Dura ceramic Indoor Grill
  • Non-stick DuraCeramic coating releases food easily and clean up quickly just use the convenient packed-in sponge or a damp paper towel. Coating is PFOA and PTFE free
  • Cooks up to 20% faster and lasts 4 times longer than ordinary non-stick surfaces to save energy and time
  • Flip style locks in vertical position to drain juices while cooking
  • Digital timer counts down as foods are cooked
  • Audible signal beeps when cooking is complete
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray
  • Compact vertical storage

3 thoughts on “Oster 7-Minute Grill with DuraCeramic Coating and Digital Timer, Brushed Stainless Steel, CKSTCG22Z-ECO”

  1. A Bit Small / Tough to Clean I found this 7-minute grill to be good for a few things, and a real hassle (or unusable) for others. It’s important to have the right expectations. First off, I found the grill excellent for grilled cheese or panini style sandwiches. It also did well enough with PLAIN chicken breast and even a small filet of salmon. However, the grill isn’t all that deep, which means you can’t put anything thicker than about .75 inches in there without creating problems. Second, unlike other reviewers, I found…

  2. Um… burgers! Okay, I totally bought this grill because I saw a FB video of what looked like the most amazing stuffed burger in the history of burgers. I couldn’t even get through the whole video before I jumped on Amazon and pulled up the listing. Imagine my dismay when the product was so new that they weren’t even thinking shipping would be available for MONTHS! So, next time I went to Walmart/Target – I scoured their aisles. No joy. So I came home and placed my order. And got very happy when the months of…

  3. Don’t waste your money! This product did it’s job the first time I used it. Unfortunately I went to use it today and when heating up i noticed the top griddle separated at the top from the hood. the two screws are there but when I looked they don’t seemed to have been screwed into anything on the hood. It honestly looks like the screws were glued to the hood, I can see glue residue on the tips of them. I will be throwing this item out as i don’t think it’s safe to use anymore. This item is extremely difficult to clean…

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